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Welcome to Wellness Para La Mama. I am Susana Marquez, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT105624) and a specialized Maternal Mental Health Clinician.  My services include therapy, support groups, workshops and classes for women during pregnancy, postpartum, parenthood and more.

The three pillars my work focuses on is mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. The reason I focus on these is because they were the key components in my journey towards healing, growth and becoming a healthier mother and women. I help mother's take control of their mental and emotional well being through their darkest and most challenging moments. With empathy and understanding, I help them heal and grow into better versions of themselves while knowing the value within them. I specialize in educating the mother on what is maternal mental health, helping the family understand what they are experiencing, the importance of the mother's mental and emotional well being and connecting them with the proper resources in the community.

I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University in Irvine, CA and I am currently working on my doctorate dissertation in Marriage and Family Therapy (Psy.D). I am a member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT). I am an active member of Postpartum Support International (PSI). I am currently PSI’s support coordinator for the Los Angeles and Orange County in Southern California. Additionally, I have obtained a certificate in Bringing Light to Motherhood through Maternal Mental Health NOW in Los Angeles.



To provide maternal mental health therapeutic services, education and resources for women during pregnancy, postpartum, parenthood and more. To make all services accessible and raise awareness within the community.

Core Pillars:

Mental Wellness: how do you care for your thoughts? The inside voice telling you the positive and negative things. How do you nurture your brain? How do you disconnect from all the thoughts running in your head during the day? How do you shift your negative thinking?

Mental Wellness is the ability to care, nurture and regulate your brain from overthinking, over analyzing, refraining from negative self talk and creating self doubt in who your are as a mother and woman.

Emotional Wellness: how do you care for your emotions, your wounds, your heartaches, resentments, traumatic injuries & pain? How do you nurture your heart? Do you place band-aids on surgical wounds? Do you numb or mask your emotions? Do you put on a facade to pretend all is well and that you have it all together?

Emotional Wellness is the ability to care, nurture and regulate your emotions so that you learn to stop and think before making decisions or acting on impulse. To heal from past trauma and wounds and to create self empathy and self love for your journey as mother and women.

Spiritual Wellness: how do you care for your soul? Who do you connect with or believe in? How do you nurture your soul? Do you have a religious faith and attend church? do your pray and/or meditate? Do you believe in a higher power? What does your soul resonate with?

Spiritual Wellness is the ability to have a connection with a higher power, whether that be God or the Universe, whatever your belief is. Being able to have a connection with someone or something that helps ground you, provides comfort during the rough times, guides you and provides explanations or rationales to life circumstances.


All mothers are mentally, emotionally, spiritually equipped and empowered to tackle motherhood, not lose their own self-identity, seek help/support when needed and be able to speak about the dark and challenging moments of motherhood without shame or guilt.

The foundation of positive maternal mental health for mothers starts when they feel heard, validated and they have family members/friends and a community who supports them.

I am their advocates. I believe in them. I work to uplift them so they can believe in themselves, too. The mothers I work with experience the happiness of self confidence and the exhilaration of rising above the challenges that hold them back. They discover their potential, their identity and learn to heal from what has hurt them, and go on to create fulfilling lives.

My goal is to make this success a reality for every mother, in every community.


Services are based on the mother's need after a thorough assessment and may include:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Support Groups

  • Educational Workshops

  • Community Referrals. 

Mom Guilt & Shame

Are you constantly comparing yourself to other moms, doubting, questioning your own mothering skills based on social media? Are you feeling ashamed because you are doing things differently based on family and cultural expectations?

  • Learn how to work through the guilt/ shame of "not being a good mom."

  • Identify triggers, false and realistic expectations of motherhood.

  • Explore social and cultural expectations and what role they play in your journey.


Self care is available to all moms and it comes in many forms. Self care is the nurturing and caring of your mind, body and soul so you can care for everyone else.

  • Learn the many ways of self care.

  • Make a self-care plan.

  • Learn how to implement your self-care plan into your busy schedule. 

Balancing Life and Work

Balancing all roles in your life can be challenging. It can cause extreme burnout and lead to feelings of resentment/guilt of not giving enough or your best in either area.

  • Make realistic and achievable goals to create a healthy balance that works for you.

  • Learn strategies to better help you with time management.

  • Learn to create a schedule that fits yours and your families needs.

Anxiety and Depression 

Anxiety and/or depression can be crippling and debilitating. The constant worrying, fears, feeling isolated from others and that you are alone can make motherhood more challenging.

  • Learn and identify what are your triggers and how to manage them.

  • Learn about different treatment options and what is the right help for you.

  • Learn what are "normal" feelings of worry/sadness and what becomes excessive.


During pregnancy, emotions can intensify and feelings of anxiety and/or depression can make pregnancy challenging and more difficult.

  • Learn to make a postpartum plan and delegate tasks among family members/friends for when baby arrives.

  • Learn how to reach out, ask for help and create a network of support.

  • Learn how to navigate the challenging mental and emotional moments of pregnancy.

Relationship Changes 

Sometimes being a mother shifts the relationships you have with those around you. Spouse, family, or friends do not know how to provide support and you don't know how to connect with them like before.

  • Learn why changes in relationships occur after having a baby.

  • Learn how to communicate your feelings and needs with those around you.

  • Learn to identify "new relationships" and how to cope with them.






3950 Long Beach Blvd, Suite 204
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Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm



Individual Session: 50 minutes $100
Couples Session: 60 minutes $125
Family Session: 60 minutes $150 | 90 minutes $175
Group Session: 90 minutes $125 
Reduced fee slots are available on an income-based basis.


Accepted forms of payment:
Cash, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and Paypal
Payment is due in full at time of service

Cancellation policy: You will be charged for half of the session fee if you do not cancel within 24 hours.

About Insurance

I am an Out-of-Network provider for PPO insurances. I am not currently contracting with any insurance companies. It is possible your insurance provider can reimburse you a percentage of your session. I can provide you with an invoice or SuperBill to file your claim. Please inquire with your specific insurance provider what are your mental health/behavioral health benefits.



I am a wife and a mother of a 4 year-old boy. I am a warrior of postpartum depression and anxiety. My symptoms began during my pregnancy, around second trimester. I associated them with being a first time mom, being scared of not knowing what to expect and the stress from working and attending graduate school full-time. 

My pregnancy was difficult because I was under a lot of emotional stress, not knowing how to decipher from what was "normal first time mom jitters" or depression and anxiety. I continued to ignore my symptoms and go about preparing for the arrival of my son. It was not until my son was born, when we got home that I began to feel an immense sense of fear and worry that I would not be able to care for my son. I did not sleep, I cried constantly, I refused to let anyone help me because I worried they would not be able to do things right as well as also fearing being labeled a mother who did not know how to care for her child.

Like most mothers, I felt alone (even with people around), I felt judged, ashamed, scared and in constant sadness. My support system was not big, my husband went back to work after a few weeks and my mother and father were the only ones who came over to spend time with me and my son. Friends rarely called, some did not even visit me and I felt lost and confused as to why this new chapter in my life was consuming and drowning me rather than making me feel happy and blissful. I did not share what I was feeling or thinking due to fear and shame of being labeled a "bad mom."

As a clinician, I did the checklist in my head of my symptoms and knew things were not right and that I needed help but that took over a year for me to ask for it. I thought I was just supposed to suck it up and manage it. I thought that since I was so strong and I had surpassed other challenging things before in my life, this would be just another stepping stone I would get over without having to seek professional help. A part of me was also in denial that motherhood was tough. No one prepares you for the mental and emotional changes you are going to experience that at times it's easy to ignore the signs by just assuming, "this is just motherhood."

When my son turned 1, I began feeling a little hopeful. I began thinking, "ok, I can handle this, he is a little more independent, he is walking and I can take care of myself a little better." Exactly 2 months after that, I lost my father tragically and that led me to fall into a more severe depression. It was not until I spiraled out of control, in the summer of 2016, that I seeked professional help. I called my previous therapist and scheduled an appointment. It took a great amount of work and a lot of learning about my symptoms, thoughts and feelings. It was what I like to call "peeling back the onion" that I came to acknowledge what I was going through, what I was feeling and how badly I needed to connect with other mothers to not feel alone.

Now, 4 years later, I am so passionate about helping other mothers in this situation understand that they are not alone, they are not bad mothers and they can overcome with the right help those dark moments of motherhood.



Postpartum Support International

Volunteer organization spreading awareness about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and linking mothers to resources in their community.

For Moms: Wednesdays Chat with an Expert 1-800-944-8766 Participant Code 73162
For Dads: 1st Monday of the month Chat with and Expert 1-800-944-8766 Participant Code 73162


Maternal Mental Health NOW in Los Angeles

The mission of Maternal Mental Health NOW is to remove barriers to the prevention, screening and treatment of prenatal and postpartum depression in Los Angeles County.


Breastfeeding Support

Long Beach Breastfeeds

To unify & progress our diverse local breastfeeding community by bringing equitable, accessible, quality support to every family & every neighborhood.




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UNIVISION 34 Mental Health Segment

Postpartum depression, a mental health problem that silently affects hundreds of women.

Many mothers can confuse the symptoms and for that reason they do not seek help in a timely manner. I explain how the disease is evidenced and the appropriate steps for recovery.


Mom & Mind Podcast with Dr. Kat
Latina Mothers and Perinatal Mental Health

Sharing my personal story with postpartum depression and anxiety. Discussing the services my practice specializes in and provides for Latina/Latinx mothers. Raising awareness to the real issues being faced both culturally and socially.


For All Moms: Helpful Tips for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Discussing the signs and differences between postpartum depression and anxiety. Sharing tips to help mother cope.


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